Wedded Bliss: David and Julia

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post, but I’m finally getting around to updating things since the big move.

For those that missed this info, the husband and I moved out to the country about one month ago and we’re now making our home in the thriving metropolis of Flintville, TN. To give an idea of scale, the only grocery/general store in Flintville is a small house on a backroad with a sign that reads “Niegborhood Grocery” [sic].

My first big assignment in Fayetteville was the wedding of Julia and David.  They got married at the Gunter Hollow Lodge in Fayetteville, TN – about 30 minutes from our new place. The location was beautiful and although the day was swelteringly hot, the wedding went off beautifully and without a hitch.  Here’s a sampling of some of the lovely photos of their big day:

Altogether, Julia and David’s wedding was one of the prettiest, most laid-back weddings I have ever had the pleasure of documenting. The day was stress-free and fun despite the high temperatures and bright sun that was beating down from on high.

One of my lifesaving tips from the editing of these photos was the use of my favorite little Pseudo HDR technique! (hit the link for a tutorial) Because the ceremony was outside in the bright sun, the light was super contrasty, so using this technique helped me to even out the tones and make these photos shine without losing any detail to the shadows.

I’d like to thank the happy couple for making me a part of their wedding day and I wish them all the happiness the Universe has to offer.

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  1. Lauren June 27, 2012 at 12:06 am #

    Everything looks so young, fresh, and pretty! Great job! Also… love this watermark. Is that weird?

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