Baby Makes Three: The Raifords

Fayetteville TN Newborn Photographer

At the start of the new year, John and Donna came by the studio for some awesomely exciting maternity photos as they awaited their first young padawan. Now the wait is over, and John can finally say to his son face-to-face: “Luke, I am your father.” 

I was able to visit these guys last weekend in Auburn, AL to meet baby Luke, who is adjusting quite well to life on the outside. He’s already super strong for such a little guy. What can I say? The Force is strong with this one. (Seriously, I can keep going with the Star Wars jokes….no? *shrug* Your loss.) Either way, you can’t deny how ridiculously handsome he is. And from what I can tell, his parents are pretty proud of him.

Here are just a few of the fantastic shots from our photoshoot in Luke’s nursery!

Most adorable little jedi ever.

The family that saves the world together, stays together.

Passed out with one of his favorite books – the best way to fall asleep.

Sweet moments with mom and dad.

I had a great time with this one – anytime I photograph newborns, there is always this interesting dynamic of both excitement and calm in the room. It’s a wonderful feeling, and so amazing to document. I’m really fortunate that I get to witness this as often as I do. Since I’ve known these two for such a long time, it is even more  fascinating to see how their lives have moved forward and to see what they’ve created.

Congratulations Raiford family! I’m so excited to see what is in store for you guys in the future, because  surely, it will be nothing but wonderful.

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  1. Pat Cross March 21, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    I love these photos. Grandson or not, THEY ARE GREAT! Thanks.

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