Spring Sessions: Maddie & Paisley Mae

Fayetteville TN Children’s Photographer

Although this spring session got pushed back because of rain, we ended up with the perfect day for some spring photos of these two! As many of you know, Paisley Mae is my fantastic niece and with her big sis Maddie, they have both made a big place in my heart. I know I might seem biased, but I swear, relations or not, you can’t help but love them.

I have the distinct pleasure of seeing them grow every day since they live right next door.  Paisley Mae is saying mine and Chase’s name now (we’re Aunt Header and Uncle Case) and Maddie is always ready to take my hand for an adventure around the farm. In short, these girls are proof that the Morgans are as sweet and charming a family as any could be.

(This shot was totally just an outtake from the post-photoshoot trampoline session, but I just had to include it! Too cute!)

I’m serious when I say that I want to have wooden swings available for every kid’s photoshoot ever, because they had so much fun and it made for some amazing photos! I guess it helps that these two are literally the most photogenic children in history, but still. I am in love with every photo from this session, and not just because these girls are family.

It was a beautiful day and a perfect morning for photography. Can’t wait for the next session with these two!

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