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Ah, wedding season. They say it’s lucky to be a June bride, but to be honest I don’t think Rebekah and Vince really need any luck, because they’re already so awesome.  I’ve known these two since our days in the high school marching band and when they contacted me to photograph their wedding I was ecstatic. To be more specific, I squealed at the prospect. Because as I mentioned, these kids are AWESOME.

Case in point? Their first dance was a mash-up of Unchained Melody, Jump On It, Thriller, The Hustle, and Gangnam Style. So you get the idea.

This was a fantastic wedding that I was honored to document – it was a chance for me to return to the lovely Gunter Hollow Lodge, where I photographed the Powelsons last year!

I’m going to admit, we were concerned about the weather, but as if by the divine will of God himself, the sun came out JUST for the formal photos and the beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was perfect. As soon as we came inside for the reception it POURED, which made us appreciate even more the amazing luck we had for the ceremony (and that the reception was indoors). Here are just a few of my favorite shots from that day, though I admit it was intensely hard to choose favorites:

Sometimes rain can be a fantastic opportunity. 🙂

This bride is willing the weather to cooperate.  Turns out, it worked out quite well.

Best. First. Dance. Ever.

Who doesn’t love a great reason to cheer?

And then, just because they’re so happy for the couple, the entire family pelts them with rice as they leave. Nothing quite expresses one’s congratulatory feelings like throwing things.

Congratulations Rebekah and Vince! You guys deserve every kind of happiness, and I hope your sense of fun never fades. You two are great together!

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    How awesome….a really nice story…!!!

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