Welcome Camryn Brylee!

Fayetteville TN Newborn Photographer

There is no end to the amount of adorable new babies in Fayetteville, and I couldn’t be happier to meet every single one. Mandy and Shawn recently welcomed Camryn Brylee, a sweet little lady who cooperated perfectly with our photoshoot. With a family like she’s got, this girl has a fun and funky life ahead of her! But until then, I know mom and dad are just savoring every moment with her.

Here are a few shots from a fantastic newborn session!


Camryn was really one of the most expressive newborns I’ve ever worked with. Sure, she spent some of the shoot blissfully out like a light. But there were moments where she would hear her dad’s voice and just start grinning – it was amazing how even at her young age, she is able to recognize and light up at the sound of a familiar voice. It’s why I love working with babies – they’ll never cease to surprise you.

Congratulations Mandy and Shawn! And welcome to the world Camryn – I’m sure you’ll just keep amazing people all throughout your life.

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