Paisley Mae’s 2nd Birthday

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It’s hard to believe that my niece is two. Way to make me feel old, kiddo. Paisley has this innate ability to just brighten anyone’s day instantly. Last weekend, she came outside and was hula-hooping with me (which consisted mostly of turning in circles while dragging a way-too-big for her hula hoop around the backyard) and I thought my heart was going to explode. Uh. Dorable.

As usual, I’m a little behind with my blog posts but I thought I would post some from her second birthday party, which I have to say was a smashing success. There were so many kids there! I swear I heard at least 10 people make the “there-must-be-something-in-the-water” comment. But they were all in toddler heaven….pinatas, trampolines, capri-sun & cupcakes? Yeah, this party was awesome.

As proof, here are some of my favorite shots from Paisley’s big day!


You know, I’m not sure if it’s because she’s family – but I swear she is the easiest child to photograph of all time. Even when she’s going crazy, sweating, and won’t sit still, somehow she manages to be two-years-old AND produce amazing photographs at the same time.

It’s like a superpower. Either that, or she’s just too darn adorable for her own good. Or both.

No matter what, you can tell this girl had a GREAT time. I think it’d be easy to tell just by how sweaty she got that she couldn’t get enough of the party. By the end, she was exhausted, and in a good way. I know mom and dad were able to rest easy knowing that the party went off without a hitch as a job well done.

If this is any indication of Paisley Mae’s future, she is not only going to have a life full of love with ton of friends, but her friends are going to be equally lucky to know her.

Happy 2nd birthday Paisley Mae!

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