Cousins & Cohorts: Bella, Brinley, Brianna & Austin

Fayetteville TN Children & Family Photographer

It’s a rare opportunity to have cousins all together at the same time, and I can relate! I grew up in a military family with more than 20 first cousins and getting us all in the same place pretty much only happened at reunions or weddings (and even then it was a toss-up). But the relationship that I have had with all of my cousins is something I hold very close to me. They’re both family and friends who are there for you your whole life.

These four girls show just that. These 4 little cousins were in town for a wedding and it was the perfect opportunity for the families to get them together for some photos. You know the grandparen

ts are going to love it…how couldn’t they? We did some photos of the little ones in the studio and then went for a walk on the Fayetteville square for some outdoor photos as well. Best of both worlds, right?

Here are some of our best shots from that lovely afternoon:


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Too. Stinkin’. Cute.  And with the help of their parents, we were able to pull off a successful photoshoot with 4 kids 5-years-old and under! Such feats are the stuff of legend. I hope these four remain the best of friends throughout their lives, because goodness knows cousins can be some of the best friends we ever have. And seeing these four together just puts a smile on my face.


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