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The Walter Family

Fayetteville Tennessee Family & Children’s Photographer

I always love the chance to work with my studio neighbor. Jennie has been amazingly helpful and welcoming as my business has grown and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her! And since the arrival of baby Tripp, she’s been extra busy. But she did find some time for some cute family photos and even for an art class where I was able to do my first original painting!

See? It was super fun! Jennie really knows her stuff. Even if you don’t know a *thing* about painting, you should give it a try! She’ll help you bring out the inner artist!

After getting the chance to paint, I was more than happy to have Jennie and the rest of the family in the studio! Here are a few shots from their photoshoot!


I love this family’s style – when the boys showed up in those little ties I seriously almost died. Ridiculously adorable. And these brothers really love each other – it might serve as blackmail later in life but for now it is awfully sweet.

I’m glad to have these guys in the studio anytime! They’re so much fun to work with!

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Paisley Mae’s 2nd Birthday

Fayetteville TN Children & Event Photographer

It’s hard to believe that my niece is two. Way to make me feel old, kiddo. Paisley has this innate ability to just brighten anyone’s day instantly. Last weekend, she came outside and was hula-hooping with me (which consisted mostly of turning in circles while dragging a way-too-big for her hula hoop around the backyard) and I thought my heart was going to explode. Uh. Dorable.

As usual, I’m a little behind with my blog posts but I thought I would post some from her second birthday party, which I have to say was a smashing success. There were so many kids there! I swear I heard at least 10 people make the “there-must-be-something-in-the-water” comment. But they were all in toddler heaven….pinatas, trampolines, capri-sun & cupcakes? Yeah, this party was awesome.

As proof, here are some of my favorite shots from Paisley’s big day!


You know, I’m not sure if it’s because she’s family – but I swear she is the easiest child to photograph of all time. Even when she’s going crazy, sweating, and won’t sit still, somehow she manages to be two-years-old AND produce amazing photographs at the same time.

It’s like a superpower. Either that, or she’s just too darn adorable for her own good. Or both.

No matter what, you can tell this girl had a GREAT time. I think it’d be easy to tell just by how sweaty she got that she couldn’t get enough of the party. By the end, she was exhausted, and in a good way. I know mom and dad were able to rest easy knowing that the party went off without a hitch as a job well done.

If this is any indication of Paisley Mae’s future, she is not only going to have a life full of love with ton of friends, but her friends are going to be equally lucky to know her.

Happy 2nd birthday Paisley Mae!

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Zoey at 4 Months

Fayetteville, TN Children & Infant Photographer

It feels like just yesterday that Zoey Taylor Campbell was born. I guess I should be getting used to that feeling by now, but it always takes me by surprise just how fleeting these early months are with little ones. Despite wishing time could slow down just a little, Zoey is 4 months old already and my-my-my, she has gotten bigger and even more open with her gorgeous smiles.

Check out some of my favorite shots from her latest photoshoot!


4 months old, and already one of the coolest chicks I know. Mom and dad must just be so proud of her. I just don’t know if the world is ready for a little girl as amazing as this one. 🙂


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Welcome Camryn Brylee!

Fayetteville TN Newborn Photographer

There is no end to the amount of adorable new babies in Fayetteville, and I couldn’t be happier to meet every single one. Mandy and Shawn recently welcomed Camryn Brylee, a sweet little lady who cooperated perfectly with our photoshoot. With a family like she’s got, this girl has a fun and funky life ahead of her! But until then, I know mom and dad are just savoring every moment with her.

Here are a few shots from a fantastic newborn session!


Camryn was really one of the most expressive newborns I’ve ever worked with. Sure, she spent some of the shoot blissfully out like a light. But there were moments where she would hear her dad’s voice and just start grinning – it was amazing how even at her young age, she is able to recognize and light up at the sound of a familiar voice. It’s why I love working with babies – they’ll never cease to surprise you.

Congratulations Mandy and Shawn! And welcome to the world Camryn – I’m sure you’ll just keep amazing people all throughout your life.

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Baby Makes Three: Emory Brindley

Fayetteville TN Newborn Photographer

These new parents are more than deserving of all the happiness they have found in their new addition. It was a pleasure meeting mom and dad for a private photography workshop where they prepared for parenthood by learning how to capture all of baby Emory’s firsts. I could tell Paul and Spring had it all together and that they’ve been preparing to be parents for a while now.

Emory is so lucky to have such great parents! And her parents are just as lucky to have a little girl as sweet as her. Here are some of my favorite shots from this fantastic newborn session!


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Wedded Bliss: The Wilsons

Fayetteville TN Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Jordan’s wedding was a very unique one. I remember these two since they were 13 and 14 and now to see them get married was so surreal and wonderful. Their wedding was one of those where you can see the happiness radiating from them and understand that these two were made for each other.

I mean, the groom SANG to the bride during the ceremony. Can you think of anything more ridiculously adorable?

…I thought not.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from their big day!


See what I mean? Adorable. My face hurts from smiling.

Congratulations Jordan and Jessica! You two can take comfort in the fact that you have a great thing going and that you have a TON of support.

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Affianced: Dave & January

Fayetteville TN Engagement Photographer

As usual, I’m pretty behind with my blog posts….but it’s only because I’m busy editing and preparing orders for a bunch of new and awesome clients! But with my sister getting married next weekend, I’m taking a couple of days to update all of you on what I’ve been up to before the insanity begins!

The plans for Dave and January’s engagement session were foiled a couple of times before we were finally granted a beautiful day for some photography, but the wait just made for what I think were probably the perfect conditions possible. This shoot was so much fun, I can already tell this couple is going to be a blast to photograph at their wedding in September. (I can’t wait!)

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their session:

I love working with these guys – we instantly got along and besides, I can tell these two really have a thing for each other! (And let’s face it, that makes engagement photography pretty great.)

And if their engagement session was this much fun, their wedding can only be every kind of awesome. Congratulations you guys and best of luck on all the rest of your wedding preparations!

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